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Quote: Originally Posted by MilanoStyle How much does it cost to get a suit made at TrentTailor? Depends on the fabric. I wouldn't waste anybodies time unless I had north of 1200$ budgeted - what he charged me for the cord blazer. He has a HUGE selection of bolts of cloth to choose from. Don is a good man as is his shirtmaker Rosa Liu. They've made a suit, a cord coat and 25 shirts for me. Sorry, Master-Classter, I couldn't figure out how to add to the map in the original post.
I'm in IT services sales and call on just about any industry. You'd think not returning a phone call call, even just to say 'we're fine thanks', would be the done thing. I just cancelled a museum membership because of this.
Today... gold plated job.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy favorites: IWC Portuguese, Panerai historicals, GO Sport, JLC Master, Omega Speedmasters least: AP ROO, AP ROO, AP ROO, AP ROO, AP ROO, AP ROO, AP ROO, AP ROO, AP ROO Yeah, the AP ROO are trashy looking. So are the Hublots and Zeniths. The simpler APs are ok; I've had mine for a few years.
#4 and I like the band If you like this sort of thing, check it out. I use the same handle there as I do here at SF: 'Mustapha'. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by 7_rocket What do we do in this meet up? Talk about how rich we are? What clothes makes our wee wee rise? Exactly. There will be younger hipsters and the older cigar/Panerai watch/Harry Rosen dress by the display window example/'and what do you do' brigade. I'm sure everyone will hit it off.
WG Harris Custom Shoes. Lakeshore and First. I drove by this place the other day. Don't know anything about it. The former RCMP commissioner - Zacardelli - had his boots made there.
Quote: Originally Posted by wetnose Mustapha, thanks for sharing. Perhaps you'd consider moving the top button just a smidge also? I thought the second button was not supposed to show, but maybe that rule is only for suit jackets. Yes, I like the work he did. I like the shoulders and the puckering or folds. How many cleanings have you done on the jacket so far? The 'quarters' are 'open'; that's why it shows. 'Closed quarters'...
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