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from his 2013 s/s show backstage. Anyone can identify the shirt? thanks! screenshot capture 1 capture 2 - shirt detail
Any of Erin Fetherston's 2013 resort collection is fine with me: Hi-res at
Can anyone tell me what shoes are these?
These four out of the Salvatore Ferragamo 2010 resort collection:
My herringbone Pierre Doumer of Paris suit. Cheers,
Hello, everyone. So let me introduce myself: I'm 29 turning 30 and now in the last year of professional /grad school , i.e. a senior. A few more months my class will dissolve and each of us move on to our merry way of professional careers. I am always a bit shy and had skipped most of the socializing events of my school during the past 3 years. I just never bothered to show up. Now I realized that's a horrible blunder, as even until today my classmates are sort of...
+1. I agree. I think it's not about walking into a store and just plucking the item you want, it's about developing a relationship, an experience, with the host. Afterall, both parties need to be considerate. The SA was probably trained to say "I can't discuss that" - just to be on the safe side due to legal considerations in terms of what one may or may not say. You just don't know who might be carrying a recorder... ... Quote: Originally Posted by...
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