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Damn, I'd kop a size 42 for $150 in a heartbeat.
I never really understood how mikey gets off being so loud and obnoxious in all his posts when he has about the same level of steez (and probably a smaller piggy bank) as anymajordude.
Ditto. Those look like some great summer shoes, mellowfellow. How much were you able to get them for?
Really don't like the Stooges at all. You're not alone.
Bump. Added ToJ bomber.
Oh man, that is gorgeous. Please say that there's one available in my size.
I'm a fan, KVC. If you ever decide to flip it in the future for whatever reason, shoot me a PM.
W+H sweater sold. Added: Marc Jacobs yellow raincoat. Just $100! Great fit, great quality product.
Price drop on W+H handknit sweater: $275 -> just $250!
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