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That Drake's popup sounds rocking. Man I need to live in NYC! Would have liked to get a chance at a silk scarf.
That's a completely insane over the top jacket and made by the best. Aero Leathers. Enjoy!
Doubled checked and that's longer then my Nigel Cabourn Tenzing. Seems be be cut more along the lines of a blazer then a jacket. Makes me wonder about the ptp. I'm a 39/40r and normally that means 20 - 20.5 inches wide. I measured every jacket, that was fitted, that I own and none are 21 inches ptp like the large. I'm sitting around over thinking sizing! I'm having an existencial crisis over if I'm a medium or a large! Did you need the sweater for fit or is it fine with...
What's the length of the arms? It's interesting as I think we have similar builds.
The ventile stuff is with the waxed cotton being a good step below. No synthetics so no true total water proof. Ventile is about as good as you would need though.
My skyliner says 85% goose down. Doesn't say the type. I think that the Everests are made by phd down in England and should be similar if not better. Frankly the NC Tweeds are better made then the downs.
Just killing me! Darn my 40r chest! Hah
I think Mallory is wearing a jacket that looks closer to a NC Tenzing then a NC Mallory. That looks more like a full four button jacket and hence works better when it's all buttoned up. I'm a fan of the Tenzing (which is why I own one) and either way I think it's a good addition to have the ventile. If it had existed back in the 20's I'm sure they would have been running around with it instead of the gabardine. The following is a NC X Rugged Museum version.
Those look familiar! Wear will make that disappear.
The yarn shouldn't be all that difficult these days (I think:)). The rise of knitting as lead to all sorts of interesting moments towards ever more eccentric or heritage sources. I maybe overstating this a bit but with a wife that's big in knitting, also writing a book on 18th century textiles, I've spent a good long time wandering around from fiber fest to historical site. The Scotland Highland show at Edinburgh in the summer is just over the top cool, if you like that...
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