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Good for you! What size?
hahaha. I think I've no chance of getting what I wanted. Must have been a good 20-25 minutes into the sale and it's one of the most common sizes 10 and of course rocking cool Black Leather Horsehide! To be honest what I really would have killed for was the two toned oxfords. Those are just amazing. Better then the thorogood or White's versions. None even close to 10 though! Hope is eternal!
More info needed!
It would be illegal if true. A whole host of international trade law is built around that type of thing.I'd find it crazy annoying if true!
They also have a tweed blazer on Facebook. Guess like its not ready for the front page yet.
That was rocking. Really looking forward to the Ventile and the Waistcoat.
To be fair Nigel isn't complaining. Only a couple of fans on this thread are pointing it out. That being said companies like H&M or Penfield don't care a bit about heritage or authenticity they're just copying the popular designs of the day.
Do you have any pics of that new shearling or lamb skin coat?
Digging the indigo idea. Think that's going to be a little more problematical. Rope dyed with natural indigo's going to bleed a whole heck of a lot (as anyone that has decent jeans can tell you). More of the dye gets to the core of the yarn and the saturation effect leads to a better fade but also increased risks of getting dye everywhere. That's why most good jeans, even crazy expensive Japanese denim, isn't rope dyed. Well, that and it's expensive to do. I've a pair...
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