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I'm 6' with a 39 chest and the mediums have fit perfectly. I've found the measurements to be very accurate. Those knits are thick with a bit of stretch. I've tried them on and I just couldn't figure where I'd be cold enough to need it! I think the cardigan is a bit thinner and if they ever make a lumber jumper or crew neck version I'd add it to the collection.
Thanks for the update! Tweed is good for the soul.
I hate to be to much of a thread resurrecter but I was wondering if anyone had some reviews for Tweed Addict? Vastly smaller company then some of the ones mentioned over on Savile Row but I'd like to get a sense of some options in the wonderful world of tweed.
Yea must be 14 oz! Man, gives me a reason to get to Germany..
I think is saw a mention of a natural shell cordovan service boot for a Germany company called 10 oz. Anyone else heard of it? I'd love to see pics. Didn't even know natural shell existed.
Good lord....
Sure. The 110 looks very much like a pair of Whites semi-dress. Large rounded toe and a classic old school workwear boot. The 2040 is narrower and, I think, is the standard last over on the viberg site. Closer to a dress boot.
Anyone know if someplace in San Francisco has a couple pair to try on?
I can see the interest in the peacoat made from a heavier tweed. As is it's a bit light. More along the weight of a good hacking jacket instead of the expected heavy boiled wool. This isn't a coat for braving the north sea! I love it though. The natural colors of the undyed (or mostly undyed?) wool looks better the longer I have it and at least here in New England it's a three season jacket. I've also never had as many people, from a range of ages, ask me about a piece of...
Those are amazing! Hey Viberg dudes! Make more of those!!!!
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