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Just for my own education what does "is flame" mean? Good/Bad/something else?
Ignore the tagged size and look at the measurements. Most of those jackets, down and shearlying, are going to be wide for two reasons. The first is that it's winter so you layer, the second is that the material foundations of the jacket are wide. In my case I'm a 50 in most NC that's designed to be worn as is and a 48 in those things that are designed to be won over if I don't want them to be over. So I have a 48 in a NC-EB Skyliner, 22 inches pTp (with like maybe 1.5...
That's a bit of a can of worms. The breakup with Aero Leather was extremely problematic. I'm a bit surprised that Nigel Cabourn went with them for the next sheepskins. You're right though. The widely considered best actual jacket maker did go with Alexander after the split. She made my 1930's halfbelt and it's amazing.It's an interesting jacket. It's not, in my opinion, a deal. A normal B-3, B-6, or ANJ4 would all go for roughly the same price or about 100-150 pounds more...
Yea they don't play around. I spent much of the day looking at SNS and howling knits in person. None are in the league when it comes to density or warmth or I think quality. Good and bad thing. Sometimes you want something thin for layering. :slayer:I've been eyeing the cartigan for a while now the blues rocking.
I'm assuming bottom of collar as that's the normal standard. Just send a quick email. That s a nice quick but important question.
That's because they use the traditional English system of measurement where the number is the PtP. Hence 40 is 20 inches across.Keep that in mind Frigiliana a store 40r is going to be a real 42 or more likely 44. I have the linen three button and the mediums perfect for my 39 inch chest. Getting a layer under would really depend on the thickness. Something thin would be fine or better yet a vest.
That models a bit on the thin size! You'll notice that a 40 at SEH Kelly is a 40 inch Chest. They use the old school style of measurements (that I wish everyone used). None of this 40r means 44-46 stuff. The Knits give a bit but keep in mind the jumpers are way thick. They don't play around but would likely give a bit with wear if you're right on the edge.
It's a two person business. Just email them with the heads up.
I'm in complete agreement about the ventile. It's a great material. I have one of his skyliners from last year in the waxed cotton (supposedly waxed) and it's just such a pain to keep dry. A ventile down jacket would just be at a next level.
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