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Up for sale, a pair of Hudson jeans. Made in USA, as you can see on the tag. They're about 2 years old but they've been hanging out in the closet for almost that entire time. I don't wear jeans often, so they were worn maybe 10 times? The wear (tears, fading, etc) are original condition. I've been spending some time in the gym lately and my thighs have finally gotten too big (hurrah!) for these. They're 9 1/4" across the thigh when laid flat. Waist: 30" Length:...
Up for sale are two pair of shoes. I need to make room in the closet for new stuff and I don't wear these often. First set of pics: Allen Edmonds McTavish, 8.5D. Got lots of compliments on these every time I wore them. Shoes show signs of normal wear. Like all AE, will last forever if you care for them. SOLD. Second pair: Magnanni Brino, 8.5D/E. Less wear than te AEs. Turns out I don't wear black shoes hardly as much as I used to. Hardly ever actually. For these...
After some searching, I see what you mean. Appreciate the idea. I'm hoping that we can get lucky in finding something locally that will work instead of ordering. Always best to see it in person, but good to know this is an option.
Ordering the fabric is an interesting idea, though MTM might be out of budget. Not 100% sure, but most likely.
Good questions. They've got the good sense, in a small wedding, not to have the whole cavalry at the altar. Just bride, groom, maid of honor, and best man. He's 26, relatively trim, well proportioned. I'm 26, a touch shorter, more athletic of frame, still rather slim.
My best friend is getting married in December. He and his fiancee want to keep it a relatively casual affair, so in lieu of tuxes, he suggested the idea of having a gray/charcoal suit instead. Not a bad plan, if you ask me, as one is much more likely to get some mileage out of a suit. Since I'm the best man, he's put me in charge of scouting these things. We live in Atlanta, GA. Where on earth would one begin such a search? I figured J Crew would be a decent place to...
Do you happen to know the rise measurements?
GGM reference much appreciated.
Thanks for the update, but unfortunately my arms and legs are just a few inches too long to make it work. Good luck,
Do you happen to have actual waist and rise measurements? Thanks,
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