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Quote: Originally Posted by nytek One of the Omega's just arrived. Smaller than I anticipated, but I think it still works. very nice looking watch. I just bought a Tommy Hilfiger watch, it's not top of line watch compare to some of you guys, but it's by far my most expensive watch. I have a question: The watch manual said "The watch has a 1.55 vol silver-oxide batter. It is specially designed for watches and will last...
I've bought cheap ties from Ebay seller from China for 94c shipped. They looked like shit, of course at the time I was new to SF, I thought it was the greatest deal ever. Now I feel like an idiot. Your taste of style will change with time, buy stuff accordingly. That was my lesson.
Quote: Originally Posted by pseudonym Here's a list of must-have DBs: - Beeswax - Burgundy Suede - Matte Black (David Z) - Olive Leather (David Z) A lot of people are selling their Matte Blacks shortly after buying them. I'd go with the Navy blue leather over the Olive Leather though. Beeswax is a must have I used to have a pair of Black Leather Clarks DB, I don't remember what type of sole it was, but it's definitely not crepe. ...
more pictures of the brown belt?
Quote: Originally Posted by pseudonym How much did it cost to resole them, btw? +1
Man man sole. Very little wear. Note that the yellow spot on the left shoe, that isn't any permanent mark/damage.
What are best shirts to be underneath a argyle v neck long sleeve? Assuming wearing a collar shirt under neath? Will plad or stripe work at all or will that be too much texture?
banana republic also sells beeswax as well, they were 25% off, and additional 25% off with your GAP card, but I think the offer is already expired.
$50 shipped. otherwise it's going on Ebay.
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