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Quote: Originally Posted by sportin_life Definitely not # 3 unless you're in college or younger. High school is a push,maybe middle school. I'm wouldn't wear that at college at all. That thing is a joke.
Quote: Originally Posted by someotherstyle Looking great, mind sharing the name of this type of knot? I never knew the name.
I'm joining the no purchase club!
bottom downs means collars shirts that are meant to be worn open collar?
speaking of Kenneth Cole, I'm selling a pair of brown oxford in size 8.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jan_ This is a SC. It has patch pockets. A (true) blazer has flap pockets, is dark navy and has six golden buttons in the double breasted form and three or four buttons (I forgot) on each sleeve or three buttons + four on each sleeve in the single breasted form. Other colors are possible: black, camel, bordeaux, dark green. Other buttons are possible: mother of pearl, vitreous enamel. Anything else is probably a...
Urban Outfitters BDG Cord Chino Trousers I will give additional 20% off for SF members upon winning bidder.
I just came back from the thrift shop, picked up my first blazer/sports coat(can somebody clarify the difference for me)while I was there for the price of a cup of Starbucks coffee. I have very limited knowledge on fits. What should to be done? Shoulders okay? Size needs taken in? Chest okay? Waist too big? Camera ran out of batter after I realize I forgot to tuck my shirt in .
PM sent.
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