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Quote: Originally Posted by Spyro Hi guys I heard that the navy/blue clarks x ronnie fieg from davidz.com does not actually match the 'actual' colour of the real pair, is this true? This could very well be true. I bought a pair of Olive Green from DavidZ and the color was off from what they were advertising on their site, by a lot. The actual boots I got look nowhere close to the ones they had,the Olive Green on their site had a very dark...
$1000 tie pin, if you didn't mention that I would just think it's a gold color pin. But with great respect sir, you look great like always.
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos I can't imagine turning down real vagina for its pixelated equivalent when the real thing is present and willing. Does anyone actually do that? This depends on the desperateness of a person. If the men have options, he could easily turn down a piece of ass, in fact naturally he wouldn't even be turn on. Why settle for less when he can get more? This has nothing to do with the one's libido or...
Quote: Originally Posted by cross22 lmao. maybe I should rephrase that. I enjoy passionate fucking.
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos Studies have shown that this is a psychological urge on your part to identify with the female role in the sex. You, Pieceofsand, secretly and subconsciously wish it was you getting impaled by that 12-inch black fuckhammer. lol. I enjoy porn where both parties in the video enjoy what they're doing, as oppose to the poorly done acting. As a straight man I comfortable enough to admit that I enjoy passionate...
Men 8M Heel to toe/insole 11.5" Base/Width 4" Heel 1" Kenneth Cole Brown Leather Wingtip Oxford Gently used $70 shipped
I've became very selective on my choice of pornography. I find myself more excited when there seem to be enjoyment going on from the female actress.
I'd dress up a scale, and if I feel like it's too formal I'll go to the restroom and make proper adjustment to blend in. And put the unwanted pieces in a safe place in my car.
^^ never seem those before. Of course I didn't even know the existence of Clarks about 2 years ago. Mind sharing some details about those sharpe looking DBs?
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