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^^ Wouldn't that suck if it was the seller's little brother just raising the price for the seller?
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker That cloth is hella FU... but the cut is rather Rodney Dangerfield. How would you recommend to wear this jacket? Quote: Originally Posted by BerryWall Great coat! Very English country look. I like the slanted pockets with flaps that are horizontal at their ends. Nice pattern matching as well. Would look better with the top button undone. Do you know who the maker is? I really...
Wear that and make a middle finger posture? In terms of the coat, can you you gurus give me some insights/thoughts?
What do you guys think of this coat? Ugly? Too much? Okay? Need some input.
I saw a pair of good condition of AE in size 8 sold for .99 with $10 shipping that I missed. I get so pissed when people out snipe me, I kept looking at the ended auction item photo and think to myself "fuck...I could of had this... "
Quote: Originally Posted by RyanAnderson People seriously can't/won't help with this? I went to my local Men's apparel store and I was told that I could get a Bespoke SC for around $450. I'd look into that if I were you.
Quote: Originally Posted by kgmessier My actual chest size (no shirt) is 37", but a 38 is too tight around the shoulder blades for me. I end up getting a 40 and having it tailored down to something closer to a 39. You're probably better off with a 36. No chance of trying on both sizes before purchasing? I'm a pretty slender guy but with somewhat of a pretty board shoulder. Almost 18" I notice on top of 34 size are hard to find, their...
My actual chest size is 34-34.5 As far as selecting sports coat I should go with a size 36 or a 34? I notice there are size 34 on some sites. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon The suit is too long? I understand that traditional suit is okay to be a little longer since the trousers are going to be the same color it isn't a big deal. puzzled:
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