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Quote: Originally Posted by phaseshift how much do you want to spend? Right now I would consider something under $100. There isn't really any reason for me to have an expensive watch, not right now anyways.
^^ theoretically speaking they'll look good if they're fit right.
my watches are so cheap they don't even worth mentioning. I won't be posting them lol. But, does anyone recommend any site for watches that has a diameter of 33mm-37mm? I don't have a large wrist, and I can't wear watches with a large diameter.
Thanks for those who filled me in on those info on NATO straps, I really appreciate it. I'm glad to see all of you have great looking watches, I'm sort of a beginner so I'll be around to learn from you guys. i will also be asking some questions that might consider to be common sense by some of you guys, haha.
Up here in Northern michigan, about 70% of the people all they wear are fleece. i understand a lot of it has to do with the cold weather. it makes me look like i'm overly dressed all the time, i like to dress somewhat business casual, it kind of fits my personality. Not to mention the dudes that wears shit like this at my college:
Quote: Originally Posted by vbuskirk Will come one direct me to find some watch band of this sort? I'm not quite sure where is a good site, I've only look through Ebay.
dude, it's gotta be the angle of the photo, there is no way....those clown shoes....
$60 shipped. Bump!
Quote: Originally Posted by Spyro I was thinking of getting a pair of Blue Leather and the Matte black from davidz.com but i saw a number of ppl selling away their matte black dbs and oh well something might be wrong that's why ppl were selling them away. On the other hand i remb a forumer here posted that the actual colour of the blue leather was way too dull from the pictures. Or isit you? This is the olive green I bought. Tell me if the...
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