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^^ does the shoulder width come concern as a factor? Meaning that, does a 36 have a certain range of shoulder measurements and a 38 have a range of measurements? I was at the only local men's apparel store today, and the fucking lady there was clueless on what I had to ask her. Her didn't know what bespoke meant, she didn't know shat and she called me a petite figure I found it very offensive, I told her I was slim.
I tie mine multiple times a day. Sometimes I even loosen them and retie them just to be sure. The procedure is done in about 20-30 seconds. When I saw the title of this thread I thought the topic was lacing the shoe lace everyday.
Looks like I fell off the wagon already. Gosh it's been only 10 days, it felt like 2 months to me.
what's constitute the difference between a 36 and a 38? Their measurement seem very similar. Will somebody mind to clarify this for me?
Quote: Originally Posted by Pieceofsand Of course , the same argument can be used for a guy in a red mohawk in a group of gentle with suits on. Quote: Originally Posted by arirang The t-shirt and jeans look was an individualist response against the stifling conformity of pre-WWII norms in relation to dress. Thanks for rephrasing my sentence. Just for the record I've only worn a suit when I was a little kid,...
Quote: Originally Posted by changy Thought i would share my rubber sole beeswax after ~ 4months of wear. It gathered a little patina near the toe, which was purely accidental. did you paint those or something? they're very dark.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH 25 poasts. Look at pictures of the homeless and jobless during the Great Depression (the first one) most of them are wearing suits, or at the very least sportcoats. This is very true. Back in the days people care what they looked like. Upper class, middle class and lower class they all tried to look their best they could. Way back, people don't leave their houses without dressing up regardless of...
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Basically I'm looking at purchasing a new laptop for around $700, maybe $750 with tax. It comes with a one year warranty. My question is should I get the extended 2 year warranty for additional $80? Or the extended 3 year warranty for $100? This is going to be my first laptop. I will take very good care of it of course, but that doesn't mean I can promise that nothing will happen to my laptop. What are your thoughts?
Kenneth Cole Brown Leather WingTip Oxford
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