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I've bought cheap ties from Ebay seller from China for 94c shipped. They looked like shit, of course at the time I was new to SF, I thought it was the greatest deal ever. Now I feel like an idiot. Your taste of style will change with time, buy stuff accordingly. That was my lesson.
Quote: Originally Posted by pseudonym Here's a list of must-have DBs: - Beeswax - Burgundy Suede - Matte Black (David Z) - Olive Leather (David Z) A lot of people are selling their Matte Blacks shortly after buying them. I'd go with the Navy blue leather over the Olive Leather though. Beeswax is a must have I used to have a pair of Black Leather Clarks DB, I don't remember what type of sole it was, but it's definitely not crepe. ...
more pictures of the brown belt?
Quote: Originally Posted by pseudonym How much did it cost to resole them, btw? +1
Man man sole. Very little wear. Note that the yellow spot on the left shoe, that isn't any permanent mark/damage.
What are best shirts to be underneath a argyle v neck long sleeve? Assuming wearing a collar shirt under neath? Will plad or stripe work at all or will that be too much texture?
banana republic also sells beeswax as well, they were 25% off, and additional 25% off with your GAP card, but I think the offer is already expired.
$50 shipped. otherwise it's going on Ebay.
Quote: Originally Posted by phaseshift how much do you want to spend? Right now I would consider something under $100. There isn't really any reason for me to have an expensive watch, not right now anyways.
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