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[[SPOILER]] Took these just for fun.
LAMY is what I have.
Good luck everyone
Poor thing, I hope he at least had socks on.
Glad to see more people are contributing, this makes me happy. Kirby, thank you for your kind words, you are doing a fine job at PR for your company, just for this reason I am going to be a loyal customer of yours. -Sand
TTO ought to post his vintage bespoke high-waist suit pants here
With all respect I'm afraid that I agree with this gentlemen.For those who had taken the effort to submit photos of their closet, they may certainly very well to be disappointed if they only find out that someone else has won the contest with no investment of any effort.While standing in a civil position of obedience, I can and will only comply to the rules in my most respectful manner; however, I do strongly believe that photo of a closet, be it organize or disorganized...
Lol. I was just thinking yesterday as I was enjoying my walk that, somebody ought to collect all these photos and send them to Kevin who is in prison.
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