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Clarks DB should be included.
How much length can I take off without ruining the over all balance of the jacket? I know that generally people wouldn't go pass 1" I thought I ask for some opinions since it seems as though there might be more than 1" to work with on this jacket(31 inch from bottom collar to hem!) Given that I'm a pretty slender guy, I want to slim the jacket down in terms of the chest,waist,sleeve. I want some useful recommendation from you guys on how dramatic it needs to...
I do like the explanation on the photo though, it gives a strong visual effect on the Dos/Don't.
I think OP you still have a lot of growing up to do. I don't mean this in any offensive manner, I have my respect for you as I am a stranger to you, and I will say this in a very considerable way possible. It is obvious that OP you are yet trapped in your egotistic box that many of us were once in at some point of our lives. You have not yet realize that through out the past 13 pages of this thread, you were unconsciously being overly defensive to the majority of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow but I think you shortened the jacket by too much. +1 I like the idea of this thread though. If I could take a picture of my Economic professor
Good thread. I wear my burgundy wingtip casually to school with fitted dark jeans sometimes, anyone think that is too formal?
If you have "many" of them they could be expensive depending on how much your tailor is charging you.
How old are you OP? What type of job are you applying for? You don't need a suit for entry level cashier at McDonalds.
I'm actually looking for the same thing myself. Ebay always have good stuff for a fair price.
Now I want to raise the question of: Do you guys untie your ties after each wear?
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