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Quote: Originally Posted by Tesla I love my DBs, use'em almost every day, but suit season is coming soon and I'm afraid I won't be able to wear them anymore unless i can pull off the look with a SC. Has anyone ever used DB with a suit or a SC (wearing a tie of course)? I've seen the excellent people from street etiquette do the look, but they are masters in this. Mines are brown vintage leather. I wear SC with dark jeans with my Grey...
I want to buy a pair of boat shoes for the spring/summer. Basically to wear it very casually(no socks with pants). My idea is to pick a versatile color that are easy to wear, what do you guys suggest?
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Im digging that jacket. Lots. You have deets on the maker? What he said.
Quote: Originally Posted by J. Cogburn Inaugural WAYWRN post! My first bespoke suit, second wearing. [IMG][ Uploaded with] Thumbs up!
Quote: Originally Posted by lwkeung Do you guys end up putting an insole into your DB? Been wearing mine without and my feet get tired quick. DB's arent comfortable haha. I experience the same problem. What exactly do you put in them as far as "insole?" It's probably a dumbass question but I'd have to ask..I thought there is already an insole in it?
Currently eye balling a jacket on ebay, have two questions. -If a 17.5" shoulder fits me really good, can I buy a 18" shoulder? Will it hurt since it's only .5" larger? -Why are some flap pockets on jackets does not function? They were designed sealed, just for looks?
Personally I think paying 50% of what the shoes worth to get them resole isn't the best bargain out there, but hey I all for it. I like the way some of them looks and for better performance why not.
LOL. Unfortunately sir this is not a troll. It may be a very stupid question but I promise it is unintentional. I am very close within the situation and I've lost my common sense and my common ability to judge, that's why I'm here asking for a slap on the face. I thank you very much sir.
this may be irrelevant with what you're talking about, but since the topic is on really should check out The Adam Carolla Podcast, he does a fantastic comedy podcast.
Currently I have a job, I am happy with my job. It's fun and it's easy. I like my boss, my boss likes me, my coworkers some of the funniest people on earth. I have going to this job fair that my college is hosting on Wednesday. I will be going just to explore my options. I'm not really in need of a job, but I do want to explore the possibilities, maybe there are better pay out there, I don't know. Just simply to look around. Just like the companies at the job...
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