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Quote: Originally Posted by justinsmnz Wearing this Skagen right now. Works well with my skinny-ass wrists. I also have a similar one with a black face. Got both off Ebay at different times for < $80 each. I think I have this very watch in my shopping cart right now on Amazon. I have a very small wrist as well. What do you think of this watch, can you give me some thoughts after your purchase?
I still don't understand the difference after OP's rant.
Quote: Originally Posted by ndw ^I think there is too much going on between the coat and shirt - solid shirt would have worked better (or at least one without a similar grid-like pattern). I got this jacket recently and I'm still experimenting with it. When I pair it with the shirt I thought there might be too much pattern in that outfit. I'm glad somebody felt the same way. Thanks for your input.
Just got my first trial shirt, my sleeve was off(short) by 1.25 inches!!! Not the happiest camper right now, I just Emailed their customer service about this. I'll keep you guys updated with their response. Also, if the shirt pulls behind my back(back arm blade area), could that be caused by a short sleeve or a too small of a chest measurement? I feel a restricted movement like it's really tight when I reach out.
Great thread. I want to buy a sewing machine now. My mom has one down in the basement and I open it one day in attempt to alter one of my old dress shirt. After seeing the complexity of the sewing machine, I quickly gave up. The sewing machine OP ordered from amazon looked fairly easy. I'm debating on whether to learn how to use the complex one I have, or buy an easy one like OP. OP, where did you learn how to use that beast if you don't mind me asking?
Quote: Originally Posted by Poindexter You know, I like blazers and I liked the A&L concept, so I went to the linked site. I gots to tell y'all, that even in the awkwardly byzantine world of mens' clothing sites, this is maybe the champion unnavigable unusable site I have ever seen. Where are the sizes? Where are the products? Is this blazer the only thing they make? How does one get one? Poinz Exactly how I felt.
Living in SoCal being 5'9 is probably about average. Then I moved here to the mid west all the sudden I feel like a midget sometimes. The heights run from 7" to 5"2 mostly in between.
I like those Anderson-Little. How come they don't show the measurements on sizes and stuff?
Quote: Originally Posted by Poshak Man Wow! I am impressed with how much thinking and planning must it take for oldog/oldtrix to get dressed each day! He probably doe it with natural instinct. The break down theory was fun to read though. I hope to see more of that, it really helps people to learn more about dressing.
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