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There is a Clarks DB thread on SW&D. They look f*cking retarded with shorts, I think that's what acridheep is trying to say . Jeans are your best bet, or like this if you can pull it off: Also, remember to buy full size down, or if you have very wide feet then buy 1/2 size down. There is a sale on UrbanOutfitter right now I think.
If the link exploded in your shirt pocket OP, you can still wear it under a sweater or a vest can't ya?
Yeah after you mentioned it, I studied the two watches I notice that even they're the same diameter, their face diameter was different, that's why.
aw thanks guys. The watch is out of my budget anyways. I really like this though. I have a 38mm watch and I think it's the perfect size for my wrist. Recently I just bought another watch that is 38mm in diameter but however it feels like it's a lot smaller, it even looks smaller. I measured it they're the same. Is there any reason why this is? I wonder if I buy this watch it will be too big for me?
Where is Northwestern? In Michigan?
Quote: Originally Posted by HOT Sriracha I believe those are Opening Ceremony desert boots. they looks teh retarded.
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer Couldn't find this on Ebay. What's the model name, anyone?
Quote: Originally Posted by JS1357 The classic Seiko's are the best poor man's watch. They are affordable. The movement is reliable. The designs are understated and work well with casual and dress clothes. Where do I find this? I didn't see any under "Classic Seiko." Does it have a model number or anything? It looks great.
22 and you have 2.5k to spend on watches?
I want to buy a pair of boat shoes for the spring/summer. Basically to wear it very casually(no socks with pants). My idea is to pick a versatile color that are easy to wear, what do you guys suggest?
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