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Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger LOL at your wife's comment. Just out of curiosity...when is it acceptable to wear an understand shirt underneath a button up? I thought you weren't supposed to, or is this an exception. If someone can clarify that for me that'd be nice. Sorry Rob I didn't mean to throw you under the bus by using your photo. Forgive me.
Grey is a good color to start with, very safe and versatile.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I like this suit.
No one compliments me. But I can sense the appreciation people around me give for me dressing nicely. To me that's good enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. White How about a $12 Rolex? I bought it some years ago in Mexico (for people who are impressed by that sort of thing). Attachment 60870 I'd give a homeless man $12 before I buy that watch.
Quote: Originally Posted by BRMC_doves PS - How do people feel about the all black leather ones? The UK site had nice ones w/ the sole being a slightly different colour. The pair I see on ebay have jet-black soles and come across a bit different...still not sure about them. I have a pair of black leather in size 9 that was too big for me I sold it. After I sold it I hadn't come across in finding them ever again. I've have seen them on...
I slipped on ice this morning on my way out in front of my neighbor's house.
what do you have to say about SW&D ?
the shoulder is off by .5"
Coat = used $80 V-neck sweater = $25 Tommy Hilfiger shirt = used $15 Tommy Hilfiger watch = $50 Levis Jeans = $80 Wing tip = used $20 around $250-$260 Doesn't need to spend top dollar to look sharp. I hope this thread doesn't progress toward the direction "who spent the most."
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