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I slipped on ice this morning on my way out in front of my neighbor's house.
what do you have to say about SW&D ?
the shoulder is off by .5"
Coat = used $80 V-neck sweater = $25 Tommy Hilfiger shirt = used $15 Tommy Hilfiger watch = $50 Levis Jeans = $80 Wing tip = used $20 around $250-$260 Doesn't need to spend top dollar to look sharp. I hope this thread doesn't progress toward the direction "who spent the most."
Quote: Originally Posted by thenanyu Chinese military watch repro. Hand-wind chrono. $250. That looks great. What's the case diameter may I ask?
Quote: Originally Posted by justinsmnz Wearing this Skagen right now. Works well with my skinny-ass wrists. I also have a similar one with a black face. Got both off Ebay at different times for < $80 each. I think I have this very watch in my shopping cart right now on Amazon. I have a very small wrist as well. What do you think of this watch, can you give me some thoughts after your purchase?
I still don't understand the difference after OP's rant.
Quote: Originally Posted by ndw ^I think there is too much going on between the coat and shirt - solid shirt would have worked better (or at least one without a similar grid-like pattern). I got this jacket recently and I'm still experimenting with it. When I pair it with the shirt I thought there might be too much pattern in that outfit. I'm glad somebody felt the same way. Thanks for your input.
Great thread. I want to buy a sewing machine now. My mom has one down in the basement and I open it one day in attempt to alter one of my old dress shirt. After seeing the complexity of the sewing machine, I quickly gave up. The sewing machine OP ordered from amazon looked fairly easy. I'm debating on whether to learn how to use the complex one I have, or buy an easy one like OP. OP, where did you learn how to use that beast if you don't mind me asking?
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