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Quote: Originally Posted by lwkeung Do you guys end up putting an insole into your DB? Been wearing mine without and my feet get tired quick. DB's arent comfortable haha. I experience the same problem. What exactly do you put in them as far as "insole?" It's probably a dumbass question but I'd have to ask..I thought there is already an insole in it?
Currently eye balling a jacket on ebay, have two questions. -If a 17.5" shoulder fits me really good, can I buy a 18" shoulder? Will it hurt since it's only .5" larger? -Why are some flap pockets on jackets does not function? They were designed sealed, just for looks?
Personally I think paying 50% of what the shoes worth to get them resole isn't the best bargain out there, but hey I all for it. I like the way some of them looks and for better performance why not.
LOL. Unfortunately sir this is not a troll. It may be a very stupid question but I promise it is unintentional. I am very close within the situation and I've lost my common sense and my common ability to judge, that's why I'm here asking for a slap on the face. I thank you very much sir.
this may be irrelevant with what you're talking about, but since the topic is on podcast..you really should check out The Adam Carolla Podcast, he does a fantastic comedy podcast.
Currently I have a job, I am happy with my job. It's fun and it's easy. I like my boss, my boss likes me, my coworkers some of the funniest people on earth. I have going to this job fair that my college is hosting on Wednesday. I will be going just to explore my options. I'm not really in need of a job, but I do want to explore the possibilities, maybe there are better pay out there, I don't know. Just simply to look around. Just like the companies at the job...
Quote: Originally Posted by jimmyfingers These shoes soles do not hold up with any type of walking. You will wear through them in 2 months. Do you daily wear yours? I have two pairs new and I don't wear them very much. How much do you walk in yours, just out of curiosity...
Quote: Originally Posted by 7_rocket I like it too. The case diameter looks rather large. I'm guessing it's over 40mm?
Quote: Originally Posted by Rugger It looks fine. People here nitpick because that's what this place is about. Don't worry about it. I agree that people nitpick on things. But the shoulder is definitely noticeably too wide. I'd also recommend some slimmer shoes for slim suits.
Where is this C21 place that everybody speak of? I can use some $2.50 socks.
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