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Quote: Originally Posted by jimmyfingers These shoes soles do not hold up with any type of walking. You will wear through them in 2 months. Do you daily wear yours? I have two pairs new and I don't wear them very much. How much do you walk in yours, just out of curiosity...
Quote: Originally Posted by 7_rocket I like it too. The case diameter looks rather large. I'm guessing it's over 40mm?
Quote: Originally Posted by Rugger It looks fine. People here nitpick because that's what this place is about. Don't worry about it. I agree that people nitpick on things. But the shoulder is definitely noticeably too wide. I'd also recommend some slimmer shoes for slim suits.
Where is this C21 place that everybody speak of? I can use some $2.50 socks.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger LOL at your wife's comment. Just out of curiosity...when is it acceptable to wear an understand shirt underneath a button up? I thought you weren't supposed to, or is this an exception. If someone can clarify that for me that'd be nice. Sorry Rob I didn't mean to throw you under the bus by using your photo. Forgive me.
Grey is a good color to start with, very safe and versatile.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I like this suit.
No one compliments me. But I can sense the appreciation people around me give for me dressing nicely. To me that's good enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. White How about a $12 Rolex? I bought it some years ago in Mexico (for people who are impressed by that sort of thing). Attachment 60870 I'd give a homeless man $12 before I buy that watch.
Quote: Originally Posted by BRMC_doves PS - How do people feel about the all black leather ones? The UK site had nice ones w/ the sole being a slightly different colour. The pair I see on ebay have jet-black soles and come across a bit different...still not sure about them. I have a pair of black leather in size 9 that was too big for me I sold it. After I sold it I hadn't come across in finding them ever again. I've have seen them on...
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