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^^ Did you mean 10 minutes instead of 20? I'm confused.
BBQ and grill equally. There is a meat specialty store where I work that have a large selection of meat with homemade sauce that are delicious. I think I will stick with charcoal based on the votes, plus I'm all for the taste.
Basically I'm looking to buy a grill for my house for the on coming summer. We're barely hitting spring here in Northern Michigan. Looking for something very basic for a household of 3, and hoping to spend around $150-ish. I want one that's going to last. It isn't very much money but that's irrelevant from the topic. ' What would you guys pick? Charcoal for great taste? Or the Gas for convenience? I can use some suggestions. Also let me know what you have at home...
Is there a name for the styling of this sole? The particular part where the sole has a layer of different material/color to it. I like the look but I wasn't sure the proper word for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by barims I suspect Tricker's or Grenson Is there a specific name or term to describe the part of the sole that is a different color? I really like the look, I'm wondering if there is a name for it. ie: like this for example http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT
Quote: Originally Posted by TTO Tra(d)gedy -TTO details?
There is a Clarks DB thread on SW&D. They look f*cking retarded with shorts, I think that's what acridheep is trying to say . Jeans are your best bet, or like this if you can pull it off: Also, remember to buy full size down, or if you have very wide feet then buy 1/2 size down. There is a sale on UrbanOutfitter right now I think.
If the link exploded in your shirt pocket OP, you can still wear it under a sweater or a vest can't ya?
Yeah after you mentioned it, I studied the two watches I notice that even they're the same diameter, their face diameter was different, that's why.
aw thanks guys. The watch is out of my budget anyways. I really like this though. I have a 38mm watch and I think it's the perfect size for my wrist. Recently I just bought another watch that is 38mm in diameter but however it feels like it's a lot smaller, it even looks smaller. I measured it they're the same. Is there any reason why this is? I wonder if I buy this watch it will be too big for me?
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