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Full time business college student working 20 hours a week at a meat specialty shop. Pays about nothing. I get the honor to watch the comic between the uneducated citizen drama among themselves. Sometimes I wonder why I'm even there, but then again, like many have said - it's work for now.
Quote: Originally Posted by NoStyle14 Hi All, General question on MTM. If I get MTM shirts on the regular but this time want a french cuff instead of a normal one, do I have to change any measurements? Or does the tailor take care of that themselves Thanks. Same question here.
Down to orgasm.
Here is one of them: I got those in a box set with my Tommy Hilfiger watch. So all of those bands are Tommy Hilfiger, I believe they can be found individual somewhere on the web. It looks like a common Nato strap, but the woven texture is different, rather than vertical lines straight across.
Quote: Originally Posted by Achilles_ Hmmm should I go with the plain blue handed Parnis or with this baby? (not necessarily directed at you) Seagull without a doubt for me. You will like this watch. And Metlin is right, supply won't last.
Quote: Originally Posted by y7bbb6 dubbed my beeswax with black wax. these pics are from a month ago, i'll post pics of how they look now in a bit. i wonder if anyone has ever done this before... wow, details on these? instructions?
Too tight for my taste, I feel like my body was unable to breath looking at the pics. It definitely looked cleaned though.
Call me a retard, but what does CBD stand for?
Looking for a UK proxy to forward an item to US for me. PM me if you can provide some legitimacy of your service.
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