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Been awhile guys School day, nothing special(I think I'm ordering one of those sleeve garter Victor has) [[SPOILER]]
Ironically I took this photo today randomly haha
A lot of these are old, but whatever
Flying two stealth bomber over a high tension war-ready zone to promote peace and unification? smh...
Great inputs guys! I wonder if NK is under the impression that China will once again back them up as they did before; although I don't think China would want to do that again. This place China in an awkard position, it would be interesting to see how things will turn out. NK is a nation in poverty. I suspect a guarantee way for its people to have food/shelter is to join their military. Which supports the notion why NK has the world's 4th largest military. From the few...
As you all may know, tension has been increasing between the two sides. I was wondering what were you guys' toughts on this, if indeed a war is breaking out. Do you guys think China and Russia will once again back up its ally North Korean this time? I want to hear you guys' opinions, thoughts, anything you want to contribute related to this. Thanks. -Sand
Some I've heated debates here. I personally think silk looks better in a relaxed, puffed look. The presentation of the fabric shows a hint of "flex." Kinda hard to explain, but it may very well be a subjective thing. Like to see more posts. And UC, your recent post on the suit, what is with the jacket cuff buttons?
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