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I thought they were gonna strike the imperial evil Americans mercilessfully without any warnings.... >.
I was disappointed to see no missile was launched :'(
Just fucking push the button and launch the missile already Un. On a serious note, the way the media has portrayed NK and what it is doing, we have sufficient reason to resume war against them.
I'm no guru, nothing fancy. Just snapped these on campus over the Easter weekend. [[SPOILER]]
I admit this sounds extremely mad and outrage, but I must selfishly admit that I secret want the war to resume. Just for more drama >.
^^ When Mao took over, he essentially took a step away of the traditional communism, it's somewhat like a deviation of Marxism/Leninism. These cult leaders always seem so insecure, and want to do it "their way," it is the "better version."
Trying this again
They're Paul Stewart sir
[[SPOILER]] Apologize for the crappy quality on the first photo
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