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I recently acquired a vintage glen plaid 3 piece in heavy wool, tweed-like fabric; and I was just wondering whether if it's excessively loud. I was hoping I could keep this for the fall/snow seasons here in Norther Michigan. The item was relatively cheap, keep or return? [[SPOILER]]
Anyone recommend any good links for some linen suit?
There has to be a big difference for linen/wool blend as oppose to linen. Never have I tried linen/wool blend, but I'd imagine it is warm, no?
Summer is finally arriving here in Northern Michigan. I am looking to purchase my first summer suit; probably something linen as oppose to seersucker. Does anyone here recommend any sources besides ebay?
Not much of photo editor, I just shoot for fun when I have time from school. Maybe someone could point a thing or two here. [[SPOILER]] One more haha.
Hi all.
I thought they were gonna strike the imperial evil Americans mercilessfully without any warnings.... >.
I was disappointed to see no missile was launched :'(
Just fucking push the button and launch the missile already Un. On a serious note, the way the media has portrayed NK and what it is doing, we have sufficient reason to resume war against them.
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