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Not much of a boot guy, but they're nice to have living here in Michigan. Wax polish. [[SPOILER]]
Gave her a layer of clear coat of wax last night [[SPOILER]]
Nothing fancy
I am from class men's wear. 've been getting into street wear more and more, will start posting some stuff here soon. The pictures from this thread is very inspiring.
I am selling my authentic classic B3 bomber jacket in size 32 (I am a 36/37 R in suit size). I've worn it maybe about 15-20 times. The jacket is in excellent condition with very minor scuffs and scratches. The shearing is in excellent condition, no stains of any kind. Nothing wrong with the coat except I ripped the inside left hand warmer pocket(not the leather, but the pocket),which has been fixed by my tailor. The coat I have is brown. I do not have actual photos of...
Beautiful. I have one made by Schultz
Too warm here even for summer suits... I am jealous of you who could rock suits still
Bugatchi Long Sleeve Sport Shirt Size: Large, Shaped Fit 100% linen, two chest pockets $149 MSRP, $89 shipped USA
Bugatchi Shaped Fit XL Long Sleeve 100% linen Two chest pockets. Hidden button down collar $149 MSRP $99 shipped USA
Recently I saw an ad advertising for a dress shirt. The collar and cuff are white, the body of the shirt is white also. The sleeve fabric are of American flag pattern. I cannot recall the brand name, can any one tell me the name?
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