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Deets on the girls please?
I take two randomize PBTs a month for my Probation Officer per court order for some humorous discrepancy about six months ago. Half way through July, after completing my first PBT I received a letter from the PO that I am to take a discretionary urine test at the next available testing time. Little did i know that I was to take the urine test on the following morning, not the next PBT which have yet to be called. So I took the urine test along with the second PBT. Now I...
Wow. I am barely 25. Never have smoke, but can only imagine >.
Butler I admire your trouser cuffs. I did not intend on nitpicking.
Mr.Butler, I've always admire your posts. Your fits have always been inspirational to me. If I may ask, as I am intrigued: how large are the cuffs on your trouser?
If I may guess, Butler's cuffs on his trousers are at least 3 or 4 inches. For some reason, it'd would look silly on anyone else to my eye; but not for Butler.
I wonder what Butler's closet looks like
Was not able to capture a full body pose. My apologies.
Spectacular as always.
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