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That knot made me threw up
Does Anybody wear their seersucker suit after Labor Day?
I'm learning to make these, and mine looks like shit.
^^ at first I thought it was SS with socks lol
Your right sleeve is a bit short as it seems.
I wonder if he learned the loafer without socks thing from someone here
His signature 3 piece pin-stripe suit, loafer without socks..
I bought this med/heavy weight overcoat by Christian Dior. It is a poly/cotton blend cloth andI like the color and length of the coat. i could wear the coat comfortably over my suits, which was my main motivation for the purchase. The only thing that I troubles me is the dropped shoulder seam on the coat. The shoulder seam is far further into the sleeve as part of the design and construction; as oppose to having a regular coat or SC that the seam ends on your natural...
New Posts  All Forums: