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ideally you'd want to be in the center hole
wow, a lots of great inspirations and looks.
That is a lovely looking suit sir ^^
Oh thank you so much. I very much appreciate it. I will post more photos of the item. Thanks agani.
Sir, do you recommend that I post my item in that thread?
What do you wear with a B3 shearling bomber jacket?
Been awhile for awhile, glad to see this thread is still alive and well
Width: 35mm (approx. 1 3/8"). Genuine Hornback Crocodile. Glove Leather Lined. Unstitched Edge. With Italian Hand Hammered Satin Nickel Finished Brass Buckle. Buckle is Hand Sewn on. Strap is Imported from South Africa. Assembled with buckle in USA. **Please note as strap is made in South Africa - this belt runs shorter in length than Torino's normal sizes (you may need to order a size up). Paypal only. Price includes shipping.
Thank you for your attention. I will indeed remeasure the garment once I home from the office.
Duplicate post. Please delete.
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