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Okay I will accept your offer. Although I won't be home until later next week if that is okay. I will hold the item for you if you like.
These are some of my accessories that are retiring. They've been working hard for me so I'd like to give them a nice good retiring compensation. These guys decided to retire together as a group, so they would accept one retirement compensation as a group. The cufflinks are pre-own condition. They show some minor sign of wear, nothing serious. The gold button cufflink is a Swank. The rest are some some miscellaneous pieces I've picked up over the months. The...
TTO post moar! Butler post moar! Phat Guido post moar! (oh wait, nvm)
If I recall correctly, sir TTO have that 3 piece suit with two different waistcoats: a single breasted and a double vested.
That was the delayed sentence for my probation. I messed up my probation so I getting sentence for it.
I had a little to drink. I evidently "disturbed the peace."
I've seen better looking RTW
Going to jail for 3 days...
Sorry I am on mobile and I'm too lazy to add spoiler. I like this, and I'm wondering the size of the cuff on your trouser; 2.5"? That is up there with Butler.
Drooling over those umbrellas
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