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in northern Michigan not many people dress for anything.
Capes, lots of it.
This thread needs to get back on track.Here are just a few photos of me from past year. I'm not a model or to be considered good looking by any means, but these are my accumulation of ordinary shots. I hope you to enjoy it in the benefit of our collective interest in MC.I will also post some better photos tomorrow from my photo archive(photo of other people, of course). [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for all of your responses and feedback. I saw a lot of workouts/exercises, does anyone have any experience on straps and aftermarket supportive gear that you can wear that might help? I have been working out the past 2 days. So out of shape
My posture needs to improve. I constantly catch myself slouching my shoulder, and do not have my spine fully erect. I really want to appear as more confident and healthy, is there any corrective product out there that will help with this issue?
By the way, where has Victor gone? It seems that he disappeared.
MTM dress shirts and RTW suits with minor alterations, other tha that I don't see any need for bespoke suits/shirts for me at this age. Unless you're ultra wealthy.
Wow those jeans and those shoes...must...be...burn...
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