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Nice fits guys good job!
lol at the fuck off, that's kinda cool haha.
^^ could pass for phat guido jr.
lol at the chops. deets on the wrestling bear? it looks crazy.
I think the angle of the photo is poor, until then I will only say that the over all aesthetic is too formal in contrast with the footwear. Cheers.
Breather Wright Arch Preserver Shoes, an absolutely great vintage classic! Vintage medium espresso brown leather ankle boots in beautiful condition. Side Zipper and ankle strap with horse bit style metal ring. Arch Preserver Shoes trademark is printed on the insole and the leather sole is also stamped with this logo. Very clean inside and out. This classic chelsea boot has been carefully cleaned and the leather has been conditioned. They are ready to...
Still want to see Victor's closet
Nice fits gentlemen. The weather is slowly cooling although not quite yet cool enough for me to dress the way I want. I will be contributing soon
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