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[[SPOILER]] And what kind of knot is that? It looks like a FIH on Viagra with a Prince Albert piercing.
Too late. I've never seen him with socks actually
That or the sockfairy has been visiting his sock draws, taking his socks and leaving him money for him to buy extra long ties.
I visit this thread strictly for masturbation material source
Somebody likes teh ghey
[[SPOILER]] The drape of that shirt is the nicest I've seen, wow.
Goddammit you're killing it. Keep it going
I too agree that the look would have a sense of completion with a tie, peak lapel and 3-piece pinstripe. There is no way you will have a job at Brooks Brothers with that style, just kidding man, i just wanted to throw that out there Nice suit regardless SS, who is the maker if only I can wonder?
Usually what bothers me is the narrow end of the tie end up longer than the wider blade, some how I think that always looksweird to me
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