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On your way to the gay parade?
It gets pretty messy for my ties and pocket squares, I wish I have one of those electric power rotating tie rack rotating my ties lol.
Wow, very nice collections
I'm mean, I dig it don't get me wrong.
The sleeve is a bit short?
The frame of the glasses looks too small, I would explore different glasses for better results.
Two red squares left, also the large star pattern square left.
I may be wrong but I'm afraid that I'd have to respectfully disagree with you Spoo. Nonetheless I do appreciate your feedback though. There are too many people in this world, it is nearly impossible for me to dress to make all of them happy. I am content in all aspect and to me that is important at most. Thank you again Spoo.
Thank you kindly sir. I am 24 year old. Trouser is a tad wide and they look wider in the photo. Thanks again!Thank you sir!Thanks for your feedback Spoo. Indeed the trouser is hemmed at 9" at opening, you have very good eye as I am well impressed by your guess. My trouser is a bit wider because I like to have my shoe laces fully covered or 2/3's way cover just as a preference. Though this suit is an second hand Oxford Clothes suit that I stumble upon eBay in size...
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