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That or the sockfairy has been visiting his sock draws, taking his socks and leaving him money for him to buy extra long ties.
I visit this thread strictly for masturbation material source
Somebody likes teh ghey
[[SPOILER]] The drape of that shirt is the nicest I've seen, wow.
Goddammit you're killing it. Keep it going
I too agree that the look would have a sense of completion with a tie, peak lapel and 3-piece pinstripe. There is no way you will have a job at Brooks Brothers with that style, just kidding man, i just wanted to throw that out there Nice suit regardless SS, who is the maker if only I can wonder?
Usually what bothers me is the narrow end of the tie end up longer than the wider blade, some how I think that always looksweird to me
Victor for President!! This is too awesome! I've always been a fan of your stuff, you have my full support! I too will recommend Tumblr, but Victor you should get a Facebook just so I can be your friend Much respect
It is for the Obama/Biden from 2008 inauguration.
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