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20 gets my voat.
I watched an old episode of Law & Order the other night and every man was in a suit and tie with a button down collar. While each character wore their differently, I was equally appalled at them all and couldn't even enjoy the episode. Button down collars should be outlawed the same way shirt pockets and Velcro closure sneakers should be.
Has my entry gone entirely unnoticed? Have you no memory of one of our fallen? For shame people, for shame.
Easily my best thread of the day.
If this rig hits ebay in my size I'm going to pull the trigger and find places to wear it.
Great looking stuff, Wale! I remember how honored I felt when I saw a pic of my trees on your site some years ago. Keep up the good work!
Turbo lag is awesomesauce! There's nothing like burying your right foot into the carpet and a second or two later having your internal organs shifted rearward. I can't even imagine owning a na car now.
Wait, what! Japan attacked the US!!!!
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