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NP. You may wish to check this thread for some label comparisons.
That's why I suggested you do some more research. The Falkirk was produced for more retailers than just RL and the early models had the exposed metal eyelets as well as what you refer to as the flower on the side. A retailer can specify what they want in a shoe and sometimes the manufacturer carries the same or a very similar model with another name. EG made the McKay for RL which was essentially sold by EG as the Asquith with a different toe medallion. C&J produced...
They look legit except the waistband isn't split in the back.
I meant note how I reacted to the comment someone made about my fit and the thumbs he got for that comment. Sometimes it's best to just laugh it off and move on. Get it?BTW, I doubt you'll find the shoes I have but C&J sells a version of them here as well as S&H here
Thanks. RL Redway by C&J.BTW, FWIW, note my reaction to the comment and thumbs to that comment.
My RL braces have croc fittings.
You just made it all worth it. I was going to do the Crusty Stank Crouch but decided against it.
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