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I might upload what I'll be wearing tonite. Might
Glad you're still with us MOL. Stay strong.
It's still ongoing, sadly.
Thanks, but I've been thru a ton of bags already and ended up making my own. It can be viewed in my old avatar next to the mini giraffe.
I don't know about you guys but I'm having to endure rides to & fro with crazies of every sort almost every day. This morning it was a guy pacing back and forth rapidly. Yesterday evening it was a guy announcing pitchers entering the game from the Yankee bullpen courtesy of AT&T. Then it was the guy that speaks with a retarded slur basically threatening people to give him money and berating those who don't. Let's not forget the women who walk thru like clockwork with...
They're both Crown Vics, the cops' one is just an older model and perhaps not the elongated "limo" version.
The only regret, maybe I've had was not having my two boys closer together. That would, of course, have meant me dating my exwife and current wife at the same time so I guess I did OK. The upside is one is already grown and looking for his own place (lives with his mother, currently) and the other will be an adult before I reach 50.
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