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NFG means you don't give a F what closeted homos on a clothing forum think or anyone else for that matter. This is what I'm rocking and this is how I'm rocking it. You think I give a F if Foo or anyone else doesn't approve? That's what's wrong with some of you fools; you post pics for e-pats-on-teh-back to bolster your already low self image and don't realize that you have lost your personal sense of style* *for those of you who had a sense of style to begin with. For...
Go to your local Macy's and get another Club Room in white. If you need it slimmed take it to your local tailor and have him slim it a bit if he can do it in a day.
Use your feet. They will create natural moisture and you will be fine.
Yes for up to 24hrs. But the constant having to dock the bike every 30 minutes is a deal breaker in my book.
I haven't been on here But seriously, I just don't need anything.
I haven't bought anything clothing related in quite a while now.
Hai guise. What have I missed?
I said "/thread". Stop forcing it. Sheesh.
/thread."There are some people that if they don't know, you can't tell them."Louis Armstrong.
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