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Be yourself...there is only one stitch.
You clearly seek the approval of others. Not much more to say there except, perhaps you should spend more time working on your personality and then you will find posing for pictures too time consuming unless you are being handsomely rewarded for your pics in a monetary manner.
Don't do it I want that for my boy
Your insecurity stems from the fact that while you have decent legs due to cycling, the rest of your body doesn't quite match up. What's more, you don't even realize you have nice legs. Also, you are insecure about the balding issue and the fact that even though you can now [try to] use the fact that Spoo has scored a Ferrari from thrifting, you do not have a respectable career.
Yes, but then on the weekend you have the ambulances idling for an eternity, what with their diesel super duty engines and sense of entitlement.
White man from Boston living beyond his means who is desperately trying to score some Asian poon. Next!
Sounds like they want to change your sartorial path. Recommend they spring on a pair of Edward Green shoes and see if they back off. Be sure to put together a pictorial slideshow for the females so they will persuade the males to buy you your shoes. They will see you actually have good taste. Worst case is you got a free pair of EGs.
OK, your insecurity is that you are a small man (with equally small attributes) who lives in Boston. Female companionship is a foreign concept to you because you bore prospects to death with the "expert craftsmanship" of your hideous ties. Next!
All you have to do is post ITT and have either posted a pic or pics of yourself and I will tell you what your insecurity/(ies) is/are. For those who have not posted pics, I can probably gather what I need from your last 10 posts. Let's go.
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