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Big A, your insecurity stems from a lack of originality. Sometimes it is better to make a decision for yourself and deal with the consequences whatever they may be, than to be led by the thoughts and actions of others. Stay true to yourself.Next!
PTDub, your insecurity stems from the fact that you can't get around the fact that you are aging with each passing day. So you attempt to create conversation starters with [sometimes] outlandish get-ups but fail to see that it is really your charisma and outgoing don't-give-a-F attitude that is garnering the attention of the opposite sex. Also, no means no.
I binged "weird black box" and, well
My approach to suicide is a slow one; plenty of Scotch & smokes.
I often say to myself, "damn. not a looker in the bunch".
For tall folks carrying an umbrella is akin to wearing a hat. In the rain.
I couldn't do a greater job at making your insecurities known than you do with each of your posts.There is a reason it is in all caps. I am also in awe of your Wiknowledge, sir. LURK MOAR!Next!
Right, then. Points added for this. As you were.
#3 by a landslide.
[[SPOILER]] I haven't done too much digging but judging by your clothing/brand choices you are a sheep. A SF sheep.
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