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He didn't arrive until at least 4 years after you joined. Hopefully those other 4,517 posts of yours were more meaningful over the last decade.
When new I couldn't get enough; questions, waiting for answers to those questions, PSAs, challenges, what could be the newest and latest deal to get in on, feeling as if I were in the know, etc. Now I struggle to even type in the address to get to this site. Question: has the forum lost it's appeal for you? If so, why?
I have never seen a legit green PRL label.
It's that time of year where the D is warm and then you transfer to the R and it's frigid. I hate the subway.
I hate to kill a man's business but I agree with this which is why I will only send my shoes to the manufacturer for a resole. There are ways to get it done correctly the first time and quickly. All the rest of you are small tymerz.
Can't go wrong with navy or dark brown.
Nope, I dumbed off yet again :sad:
You're doing what I used to do with cars until I bought my dream machine; thrift/flip until you make it. But don't worry, one day you'll be able to afford a full-length mirror for the home, even if it's just the one you hang on your room door. BTW, when is that coat going to be on your eBay list of items or on B&S here? Next!
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