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How about searching on ebay or contacting Polo?
My cashmere sweaters rarely last more than one season. I only buy the Polo Italy cash sweaters, the angora/merino, silk and lambswool versions. The softer the fiber the less they last.
For a while now I have been buying Levi's 501 STF in the Knight color. They fit and look great (I like that raw look and stiff feel) until it is time to wash them. I have a boatload of jeans that have been washed once only to never be worn again because of the shrink factor. The obvious answer would be to size up so when they are washed they will fit but I like the look & feel of them before they are washed. Does anyone know of an alternate Levis number I could try to...
Only small tymers wash their cash wears. Everyone knows that you wear it once, maybe twice then throw it away. Sheesh.
I'm scared.
Whatup wit those pocket flaps Mr. Clean?
Teh hate within Spoo is growing...
I've owned 3 Jettas and while nice I just can't get around the non-independent rear suspension. My neighbor had a Mk4 and now a Mk5 and hates it. The VR6 does make a magnificent noise and I'm guessing the turbo models with the chip mod are fun.
I like this.
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