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Cayman, I like your avatar but would love it if it was more fluid. Work on that.
Trench coat, bucket nekkid. I guarantee you'll get the job or you can come work for me.
Jerome IIIs? Now I know you're straight doing B&Es on people's cribs.
Don't worry, stitch. As far as j and Fok are concerned I am invisible. It is the only way they can rationalize my still being on teh site.
This would be equivalent to gdl crushing EG boxes and we all saw where that got him...
I have been guilty of this myself and am not really for teh banning but I think anyone poasting ITT with anything other than what is warranted on a transmod threak should be castrated.
So Foo, what do you put on first, socks and shoes or shirt?
Just wear it as is. It's patina.
We need deets eddie.
I wash with cold water then hang to dry. The very nature of the jeans I mentioned in the OP was that they are made to shrink when washed for a custom fit. I want a paid I can wear that have that same raw appeal without worrying it will be lost on the first wash.
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