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Gents, this post comes with my apologies as I wore a navy rig last night but when I got home was too spent and hungry to take pics. I assure you all that I am the clear winnar, tho. As an attempt to appease teh voaters I submit this: CBD with Pcock ankles
I would recommend that you and everyone else spend a bit more, even if that means saving or borrowing, on a brand new pair of shoes and create your own patina. I once went the route of buying used shoes and after 50 or so pair in various states of repair have never been more pleased with the brand new pairs I put my own imprint on. Now I own about a half dozen pairs of shoes and haven't bought a pair in a couple of years. The time and money you will spend to make those...
This may explain why your shirts are not lasting longer. It should be socks, shoes, pants then shirt. Sheesh.
The thing I hated about the E36 was the front grille. That thin strip that goes under the headlamps. And the corner lamps. Crappy design. Other than that they were great as long as it was a coupe/convertible, manual and had sport seats.
^^it's the same reason why companies hire temps in lieu of just hiring the employees outright.
Damn OP. You should call SVU.
They only need an oil change every 1,000 miles. I would change it sooner if you live in a dusty climate or do a lot of start-stop travel.
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