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Just make sure your women (or you) don't ever wear anything by or resembling UGGs and you'll be fine.
When I worked at the Fragrance Foundation the directive was to wear the fragrance everywhere you want to be kissed. I think the problem here is dudes are slathering on too much deodorant/antiperspirant. One pass should do it. Then the fragrance should mix with your body chemistry [once the alcohol stage has worn off] and be the highlight of the dance. As a side note, people should only be able to smell your fragrance when at a hugging distance. Not like the dudes...
RL suit RL Regent shirt Drakes tie LB pouchette RL braces Marcoliani socks EG shoes Armani fragrance Austin De Luxe timepiece
Subscribed and hope to enter.
Sorry, bro. My bad.
No, but I hear mama nisha is da bomb, yo!
1) Order a taco with extra pico de gallo 2) Eat 3) Wipe mouth and hands with white napkin 4) Stuff napkin in breast pocket 5) Explode heads on SF 6) Profit
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