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SOLD! For your consideration I offer a pristine pre-owned pair of shoes-the Edward Green Malvern in chestnut antique. These shoes have been worn sparingly and since I don't use them anymore I have decided to offer them up for sale. I had these special ordered since many shoes in larger sizes are not readily available. It took about six months to receive them but as you can see from the pics they are glorious. I have kept them on lasted shoe trees and have treated them...
Why not send them an email and ask?
careful walking.
We hang on to our pents, for they are rare.
Those will be well worth the wait. Trust.
Should it trouble me that you are frequenting single dudes' pads enough to know this?This is what we did until that 2br became available. For 75 bucks more. With a skylight and roof deck Also, I have always maintained that "I would never rob my children of the public school experience". They need to rub shoulders with the "3rd world" to be whole IMHO.
um hum...
As unpolitically inclined as I am, I will say Christie's on-the-hour updates leading up to, during and after the Sandy incident were more gripping and far better than Cuomo's. I even know that stoopid stronger than teh storm song
I can' roll with Loake. I would like to hear an answer to Dopey's question, however.
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