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For your consideration I offer shoe trees made for Ralph Lauren's Edward Green line of shoes based on the 202 last, but as I have personally experienced they will work magnificently for shoes of other makes. These are for shoes sized 12-13. The ones I am offering are very similar to the ones pictured which sell for $130: Let me know if you have any questions.
I'm digging the shoe pictured here
Thank you
Edward Green shoes are awesome.
I actually heard the blast all the way up on 151st Street on the west side. My kid's school on 152nd & Amsterdam even went into survival mode. Scary.
I have a pair for sale in my sig. I might regret that, tho...
How about a pair of these? I have only worn these shoes two or three times. As great as they look I have defaulted to other pairs in my rotation. Shoes come in the AS drawer box with cloths and such but no trees. Let me know if you think you'd get more use out of them. If not, I just need to get them into rotation more frequently. Please feel free to email me with any questions. Thanks!
Good to hear from you man.
If you think NY sucks, you suck. (note the period). Now go away, farmers and amishmen. Homos. Yup.
Whatup, jerk?
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