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Haha, Aero in the same tier as Wilson. That one is two categories off.
Very nice, I especially like the collar shape.
And just a final note, taking something like .25" off each side is within the +- specs anyway, so it might be chasing something that you might not end up with or notice anyway. I keep looking at the pics and thinking that the fit is pretty damn good.
Yup, we're in total agreement. No more than .5" at most. Sleeve lengths for "normally" proportioned guys are rarely under 25" If it was me, I would leave it just as is.In terms of taper, you might take out a little, but to me it's maybe .5" total, so .25 each side. It's hard to tell how much material you had, but you don't want to end up getting too tight in the waist area as it will tend to push the jacket up into your neck when you sit. Again, if it was me, which...
Also, make sure you are emailing this all to Carrie, as she is very very good at what she does. She also an incredible leather tailor, so she knows what she's doing.
Hey Ktown, take a quick snap of the sleeves zipped up if you can. You DO NOT want that much off the sleeves. They will shorten up a bit as the sleeves wrinkle, and you're going to wear it with the sleeves zipped so they won't slide down over your hand at all. If you can zip them and they don't ride up your arms too much and bunch up, you are pretty close to the sleeve length. My guess is that you want no more than .5" off at max. Also, what's your height and normal...
Doesn't sound like the appraiser is too sharp. Location is MUCH more important than finding a square footage match. Especially as the biggest house in the neighborhood, you will probably not expect too big of a premium over smaller homes in your immediate area, it would have been more fair for them to base it off of your neighbors' smaller homes.
Be very careful with this, especially if the agreement doesn't address guests. I would assume they aren't charging him if he's a friend. Most real estate law heavily favors the renter, so you don't want to get into a legal dispute.
Aero Board Racer (use a lighter leather like goat)Thedi Leathers (many designs, see Thurston Bros., their HH is soft and comfortable)Diamond Dave J-100SF / Johnson Leathers upcoming collaboration
It's a water heater size issue also... a big corner jet tub will empty a small water heater.
New Posts  All Forums: