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Not a fan but it reminded me of the Prada leather coat in The Grand Budapest Hotel. The left breast compartment opening to hold a pistol and a flask. Once of the coolest movie jackets ever.
I like the top zips on the sleeves and I think that the pattern looks great. Nice slim sleeves and high armholes, without it looking constrictive. Zipper gauges also look in proportion to the jacket.
+1, a very grainy hide makes the jacket look "broken in" from day one, and gives a little extra pop to a classic jacket. I like what they've done with it.
Yes, similar designs. The Cascade dates back a long time and the Lewis design is also decades old, both classics. If you start emailing with or calling over to Scotty at Langlitz, he can get you out a catalog plus a current price sheet. Note that the best resource for what is available on a Langlitz jacket is the combination of the three sites below, which are the Langlitz Japan sites that contain hundreds of good photos of custom jackets. They can replicate any of...
Adroit knows his leather.
Cascade is $1000 even. (in cowhide) Goat +$100 Elbow pads +$75 Shoulder pads +$75 Additional outside pocket +$25 Additional inside +$10Here's my older Cascade in black goat which just had elbow pads added by Langlitz. (in 2 days)
This is much worse than waiting for a jacket to be made...
Very interesting back detail with the "disappearing belt." What I like about the jacket design is that the front is a pretty straight forward and classic design, but then the back adds a unique element to set it apart.
Yes, but it will shred when it hits the pavement. The armor may help protect him from the initial impact but the road burn will be pretty severe when his jacket tears away. Calfskin is not something you use for a moto jacket. Not saying the Luxire response was warranted, that's a separate issue, but the jacket specs for his desired use and his expectations were out of whack. Lesson learned.
My first thought was that this wasn't bad for a first attempt... If he wanted a Lewis jacket he should have bought a Lewis jacket. So many times in the MTM motorcycle jacket world, people that are unhappy end up admitting that they fudged their measurements to make sure the sleeves were long enough (ended up too long), chest was trim enough (ended up too tight) because they didn't trust the pattern maker. So the producers have to deal with that also. The more I know...
New Posts  All Forums: