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+1, they have great moto jackets and stock Knox and Alpine Stars armored shirts. I often get off the bike, remove the armored shirt and throw it in my saddle bag, then can relax and eat lunch comfortably.
I've got three armored moto jackets, in leather and textile. I also have another 5 or so that are leather without armor that I wear an armored shirt underneath. (Bohn and Knox) The limitation of an armored jacket is that unless the jacket is skin tight in every spot on you, the armor just doesn't ever seem to stay in the right spot. (And my textiles are high end jackets)With an armored shirt, it's a very lightweight, mesh shirt with the armor held tight against your...
Contrast stitching looks great on a black jacket.
Great spec and perfect fit.
Congrats Layman, love that you moved the zips around to the front of the sleeves, really looks great. The Sheene is one of my favorites and mine gets lots of wear.
Congrats Kona, looking forward to seeing it on you.
Hopefully others can supply pics of a used oil pull jacket, but yes, CXL is also a pull up leather and with the same effect. I can tell you that the oil pull that Aero uses is only 2 oz, where the normal CXL horse is 3 oz. +.
A good video showing what it looks like and what exactly is meant by "oil-pull" or "pull-up" leather:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWGvXC9mALY
Seal is the name of the color, commonly used for brown leather.
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