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I'll admit to taking pleasure in watching them fall out of the sky when I spray them. I always volunteer to clear them out of the dugouts of our Little League fields, those sprays are amazing / scary.
To me the question is to what end? Are you thinking about entering the business? Just to get deeper into the hobby? Either way these are usually very well run classes.I do totally agree that drinking wine is the bottom line to learning, but drinking without context is not that effective, IMHO. When I really ramped up my knowledge it was because I was going to a monthly dinner group where around 10 of us would open 30 bottles or so with dinner, anything from a $5...
I almost cited you as someone who'd want that jacket... I'm sure Alan will nail the pattern for you guys.
Details? What are you they making for you?
Very versatile, nice slim cut, perfect jacket for jeans and boots.
Yes, they can, but typically hides in this price range are top-grain already (as opposed to full-grain), so more of a stylistic choice.
Much better pattern than most Schott jackets, looks great. Nice change using the pebbled leather. Can't beat the $ as it will be well constructed coming from the Schott factory.
Black CXL FQHH Aero Highwayman. Weighs a hair over 7 pounds and room in this one to layer for winter.
Totally agree, they do have the new Premier Fit Highwayman, which is what you should consider if you want to go that route. Regular Highwayman is as boxy as Aero makes.
Will get some fit pics over the weekend, but picked up a Black CXL FQHH Aero Highwayman, with zip sleeves, shoulder gussets, nickel hardware and with the historic Highwayman label used. This is THE classic Aero jacket, the one that put them on the map. The HH is a bit thicker than usual on this jacket, but paradoxically softer than usual. Lined in red cotton drill.
New Posts  All Forums: