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Hopefully others can supply pics of a used oil pull jacket, but yes, CXL is also a pull up leather and with the same effect. I can tell you that the oil pull that Aero uses is only 2 oz, where the normal CXL horse is 3 oz. +.
A good video showing what it looks like and what exactly is meant by "oil-pull" or "pull-up" leather:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWGvXC9mALY
Seal is the name of the color, commonly used for brown leather.
Carrie, that jacket looks fantastic on you.
I'd be careful about the sleeve length. In the pic the sleeves aren't zipped up and the leather is going to fold a bit in the elbow area and shorten the sleeve. With that said, sleeve length is a very personal preference.
Typically the J100 from Buco had no bottom pockets, just the two horizontal top pockets.
Some fit pictures of the two brown jackets above. Aero Sheene in Russet Vincenza HH and Aero Sonoma Cafe Racer in tumbled brown FQHH.
Layman that's a fantastic looking jacket... nothing like a photo to make your point.
+1 - the black cafe racer is spectacular, looks like a perfectly preserved vintage jacket.
Sounds much too big, as I have a 36 inch waist and most of my jackets have a 40 inch waist.
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