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I do like the way the lamb is aging on this jacket, as shown in the bottom picture.
Understand that Stu is both over the top with his rants and brilliant in his jacket construction. His website reads like satire, but it's all real. No, I don't think anyone believes that a lot of SLP jackets are being worn on bikes, but he needs a marketing foil... it's just part of his schtick.
His rants are aimed at high priced fashion jackets which Stu sees as impractical. Many of his designs are trim, but still designed to be functional. Because he uses mainly very heavy leathers, there has got to be some room to allow for movement. Many fashion leathers get away with very tight patterns by using lighter, more flexible materials.
Nice looking jacket, and very interesting take on the collar with some significant roll to it compared to the usual flat style. It also looks like it sits nicely on you when unzipped, which is a challenge with any type of asymmetrical design.
I'll try to find some good fit pics, but as PN noted, I believe he sizes to the exact chest measurement instead of "chest measurement + X". Being the maniacal genius that Stu is, I believe he'll make sure he really nails it for you. I also agree with PN that he is very good about NOT oversizing his jackets. All the fit pics I do see are pretty trim fits, unless someone specifically asks for extra room. The best advice I can give you is to trust Stu... everyone that I...
Yes. Definitely hooray... because this thread covers a pretty broad topic, and not specific types of leather jackets or specific brands, we have a unique opportunity to learn from each other here, to perhaps broaden our horizons and gain an appreciation for items even if we would never consider wearing them. I still haven't handled a lamb jacket that I would wear, but I'm keeping an open mind. I've got 3 goat, 3 horse and 2 steer. Goat gets a lot of wear on and off the...
To me, who's a traditionalist, especially when it comes to leather jackets, this is a double edged sword. On one hand, when I see what some designers will do to a perfecto design, or how someone might be wearing it, I want to yell "no, no, no."On the other hand, when I stop and think about it, it's great that classic designs can transcend and move into new spaces, whether the designer or wearer have any idea of the history behind it or not. As you note, I'd love to see...
At that price it should be mahogany. Sounds very high, unless you are talking about a lot of work to reframe + a high quality door.
I am not a fan of the shoulder quilting but those concentric circles are amazing stitching work, especially since it has to maintain continuity onto the sleeves. To keep with the theme of the questions, in which direction do you take a jacket like this after purchase? Beat it up? Keep it looking new? Is that left side (the wearer's left) zipper functional?
Yes and no... the reason a racing suit can be very form fitting to the body with high and tight arm holes (as well as some cafe racers such as the Board Racer from Aero) is that they have substantial pre-curve to the arms, putting you into the riding position, but you wouldn't want to wear it to the local pub. If you want a jacket that can be worn both on a bike and for casual wear, you need some room in the arms and shoulders, or gussets, bi-swing, action back, etc...
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