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Layman that's a fantastic looking jacket... nothing like a photo to make your point.
+1 - the black cafe racer is spectacular, looks like a perfectly preserved vintage jacket.
Sounds much too big, as I have a 36 inch waist and most of my jackets have a 40 inch waist.
I agree with your assessment, although I think the difficulty of breaking in the FQHH is over stated sometimes, but the reality is that stiff is in the eye of the beholder. Totally agree that the FQHH starts as being pretty "flat", although with break in a very nice grain comes though. Similar to the cowhide as produced by Vanson, which is totally flat, but as the jacket starts to soften the leather's grain shows itself more and more. The tumbled HH from Horween, which...
I think your last statement above really hits the core of the subject. For each genre of jacket, the word "quality" may mean something different.I agree with what Synth just noted, as most of the producers that we discuss on this and other forums are inherently well made compared to lower priced, mass market jackets.
To try to pull this back on topic, I believe the subject was quality, and not aesthetics. Aero is an almost exclusively MTM company, use very high quality leather (Horween and others), the jackets are made by single machinists (no assembly line) and when people have fit issues, the typical story is one of Aero saying no problem and either fixing the original jacket or crafting an entirely new jacket until the customer is satisfied. When you look at the stitch work on the...
Aero Ridley fit pics - second back pic is unzipped.
The Ridley: Fit pics a little later on today hopefully, it's a beautiful jacket and the taper from shoulder to waist is really nice...
Carrie,You guys have had an incredible year turning out new designs with Aero and Vanson.
+1 - a shell jacket would have to be more of a patchwork, and the leather looks exactly like what you would expect from FQHH. Not sure I have ever heard of a jacket produced in shell.
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