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Instead of finishing the same side as they make the cuts, they just finish the alternate side, yielding a match. Imagine the slab as a deck of cards, and you cut a piece off and finish the top of each card. When someone orders book matched, you flip the next card over, yielding a mirror image of the slab above as you are finishing both sides along the cut line.
People are always shocked (knowing that I'm in the industry and have been 50+ times) when I recommend the big corporate wineries to visit - to me, it's more than about tasting wine, you can do that in your home. Take the tram up to Sterling, go to Mondavi, visit Artesa and see that view... then there are the smaller guys you want to call in advance that will give you some local flavor but have been there for a long time too - I always send friends up the mountain to...
I agree that you should use the opportunity to have power up there, but if it's unfinished they should probably pull the wire and junction box up to a higher spot on the framing.
This is a standard feature on almost all original motorcycle jackets. Vanson, Langlitz, Cal-Leathers, Schott, etc...
I've been in that exact position, a 6 year old and three year old twins. It was a month of hell.
It's an issue but not nearly as big as you might think. I live in a similar sized neighborhood and we've dealt with two homes that were sold VERY low, one in foreclosure and one in a divorce. Both homes sold for more than $100K under where they would be expected. All the homes that sold since then sold right where they should be, including homes within a few hundred feet that sold for $200K above the low prices, as they were larger models.The fact of the matter is that...
I live right outside of Doylestown. It's an incredible little town, with a ridiculously long list of famous residents, mostly related to the arts. (Ridiculously long because there's really no attraction to live there, was just a sleepy, bucolic little farm town.)
Closed a big investor for my last startup over breakfast there. Great food.
I'm a fan of Princeton, and it was between that and the Doylestown area. My wife now works over on this side of the river also so it worked out, but the real decision was based on property taxes... only pay $8K here and would have paid $14K in Princeton. Also, you have to navigate around all that crazy traffic in the Princeton area which gets tiring.I used to have a lot of great meals at Margaret Kuos when I worked out in that direction, it's funny how many restaurants...
Great town, some great restaurants... I have a buddy who was a top exec at Main Line Health who moved at the same time from the same small town in CT. He had to live there because of his job location and was not happy with the real estate prices compared to living up in Buck's County, which we chose because my wife was commuting to Princeton (Lawrenceville) at the time.
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