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Ahab, Actually, black is the most abundant natural dye. (carbon black)
Nice day in Philly for suede.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pastor Anybody ever notice extreme difference in Shell colors? I bought a pair of Ravello Wingtip boots at the beginning of the year. I love the color and wanted a pair of LWB in Ravello as well. I finally found a good, almost new pair in my size on the B&S. When I got them there is a pretty significant difference in the colors. The LWB have almost zero red tones. I'm not saying that I don't like the LWB. I do like them...
Quote: Originally Posted by astris What do you do for a belt with navy suede? I'm guessing just a brown leather or suede belt since they have the natural edge? Exactly
Quote: Originally Posted by astris My navy suede ptb's showed up today too! Absolutely love them. Oiled flex sole is fantastic. Also not exactly sure what to wear them with. I would think: denim, tan khakis, light gray, etc...
Cordovan in one shot and non-cordo in the other.
Well done Zippy, great variety.
Quote: Originally Posted by CTYGGG Anyone interested in doing an Alden collection picture day? We can always go back to endless sizing questions on another day. I'm in.
^Love those Mac
Quote: Originally Posted by Hot Dog Day #49 The guys that work at Sherman Bro's are a bunch of elitist jerks. Anyone else have this experience? Quite the opposite - I deal with Ken Sherman in Haverford and he couldn't be better to deal with - which location do you interact with?
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