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I think I had 1 pair Saddle 10 and 1 pair Loden 10.
haha that's what i logged in to checkpretty sure im the same size as Mike so going to order a 40
Dear God, I don't even wear sweaters that often and I already have 2 of the cardigans but some of those new colors are too difficult to resist: red, cinnamon, forest. UGH
Got my EFF Rivets today. Very happy with the purchase. Can't wait for the EFF shirts and then the Cuomo sneakers. You guys have been killing it.
...still haven't heard anything. Sent a PM on Friday I believe.
yepI think that's one I forgot to check out on. Nooooooo
do we need to be checking out as we purchase each unit?
Hah I'm leaving for vacation is 3 hours so I'm sitting here F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 until then.
when do the factory finds shirts go live on Friday? i need to plan my day
New Posts  All Forums: