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do we need to be checking out as we purchase each unit?
Hah I'm leaving for vacation is 3 hours so I'm sitting here F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 until then.
when do the factory finds shirts go live on Friday? i need to plan my day
Been looking for a pair whiskey shell PTBs. Thought I'd throw a post up just in case I get lucky. 9D Barrie, could probably do 9.5 as well. kumizi@gmail.com please
never mind: you guys are talking about the brand new chambrays
I just got my blue speckled chambray and it is noticeably larger than my 3 EPLA oxfords.edit: oops...wrong shirts
On the cardigan, my personal observation is it will fit similarly to your Epaulet NY shirt size. I'm 5'9" 180 with a 42" chest. Epaulet L shirts are very fitted on me. The L cardigan is also very fitted on me. I decided to order another L and stretch it out a bit instead of sizing up. (could stand to lose 10lbs also but that aint happening with the holidays coming up)
Yea, right.I gave up on shell longwing or ptb months ago. I would instabuy anything in cognac/whiskey.
You know, in the several years and dozens of Epaulet products I have purchased, that might be the only minute problem/complaint I've had. I've had a ton of buttons come loose, usually on the chinos. Not a big deal though as there's always an extra one included and my dry cleaner sews them back on cheap.
Had totally forgotten I got the heirloom cardigan in the mail last week. Holy moly, this thing is awesome. One day, we'll get cold weather down here in Dallas. I ordered a L and it's perfect. I wear a L in Epaulet shirts but a 42 in suit jacket/sportcoat. Alos, had/have several friends that never buy anything online interested in the cordovan trainers but they all want cigar/cognac. I wasn't able to get to it before those colors ran out either
New Posts  All Forums: