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A little update: Thank you so much to everyone who has called or PMed me for a watch! The business is much appreciated. We have recently received in new stock of the Ballon Bleu De Cartier in Stainless Steel! We currently have all sizes in stock and ready to ship. From Hermes, we have recently received the H-Our Oxford. This is a really fun watch in the medium case size which has an orange strip running through the strap as well as the dial of the watch. It...
Any idea on the sizing on the Sohos? I have not owned a pair of Allen Edmonds before. I often wear between a 9.5 and 10 depending on designer. Any consensus on how they run? Checking my closet: 10 in Cole Haan, 9.5 in Saks 5th Ave. 10 in Mezlan, any ideas how they might compare to any of these brands?
I have a pair of links and two squares. I agree with what everyone else has posted. Good stuff! I will definitely order more in the future.
Quote: Originally Posted by mbc This topic has been covered rather extensively in the past - if you do a search you will find quite a few informative threads. Bottom line is that additional seams in the form of darts allow for shapes which cannot be created with side seams alone. Such shapes are unnecessary for some body types, and beneficial for others. Thanks, maybe that can fix my current Jantzen problems! To order darts should I just...
Why would you choose to have darts rather than just having the shirt cut in the shape that you want? I was under the impression that darts were just so that an OTR shirt would fit correctly.
Did you order from the newest material portion? Seems that the best way to ensure you get your order is to order from that section
Quote: Originally Posted by JimInSoCalif The fit does look good, but there sure is a lot of puckering on the seams. Is this normal on Jantzen shirts? Mine haven't puckered like that. It is quite possible that it is accentuated in the photo too, I know that mine look better in person than in photos taken in the standard "shirt show off" picture poses (as the poster of the pictures has done)
looks good, especially great for a first order, congrats!
Order #2 for me: Ordered 6/24 Confirmed 6/30 Received 7/18 Shipped to Northern California. As my second shirt, I think that this one is much better than the first (although the first is very wearable, and fits me better than any other OTR shirt that I have had darted, or otherwise taken in) I am loving my first shirt more and more, after each washing. The fabric has gotten a bit softer and the shrinkage I think is helping out.
Quote: Originally Posted by sbbbjm thats a santos demoiselle, not a santos galbee whoops, thank you
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