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Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I'm not very knowledgable at this price point but I'm sure others will chime in with ideas. First thing that came to mind when I read your requirements was Bedat. Nice designs for rectangular watches, and usually around $1-1.5k (at normal discounts). Gilt also has sales at attractive prices. http://www.prestigetime.com/item/Bed...8.010.332.html As a Bedat dealer, I would have to say that it is going to...
I know it is a bit more than your budget, but if you are able to stretch to $1,400.00, I currently have in stock a beautiful Hermes Cape Cod. This is a fantastic suit watch with quartz movement and a nice low profile. I think that the strap that I am showing on the watch might be a bit casual for business dress, however, I am happy to swap it with any strap currently available from Hermes (excluding exotic leathers). I am an Hermes dealer, this watch is brand new and...
Quote: Originally Posted by dl20 Ok, 97% of what they sell is over priced trash. I have heard of several people (lately) who placed orders for backordered product that was listed as "in stock" at the time of purchase and they are still waiting many months later. The product was some LADC's I believe so we're not talking ESG's or opus here. When these guys got fed up and decided to cancel their order, they had already been billed and Thompson refused to...
Quote: Originally Posted by dl20 Thompsons sucks. Well that was enlightening ... care to expound on that?
Hey guys, any thoughts on Thompson Cigar's online selection for someone new to the world of cigars? A lot of their prices seem very tempting. I know I have smoked a few of their cigars before, and quite honestly I have no idea what I am looking for. Any help you are willing to give a newbie (besides the already great information in this thread re: brands) is greatly appreciated.
Another Oly lifter here. Actually a CrossFitter (Level 1 certified trainer and affiliate owner) and intermediate Oly lifter. +1 to performance menu and the book "Olympic Weightlifting". I was fortunate enough to have the chance to learn the fast lifts from a former Olympian, but I have been training with my business partner and a video camera for the last year and a half or so. If you haven't seen yourself lift on film, I highly recommend...
I like the C&Js or the sutors. I think that the RLs look a bit slipperish. I think that they would make a great weekend casual shoe. Any specific uses/scenarios you are looking to wear them for?
Vitamin water and gatorade (I can't speak for the powdered stuff) are basically soda without the carbination. I would recommend staying away from all of that stuff if you are serious about your health.
I will agree with everyone who is recommending it and add that you should keep your normal pillow if you ever sleep on your stomach, you'll want to switch it out. It is nearly impossible to get comfortable sleeping on your stomach with one.
PM sent on Sohos
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