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Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday If you haven't mentioned this in your Craigslist ad, I might suggest doing so, or mentioning something similar. At the risk of stating the obvious, I suspect many people might be skittish about the "bad luck"/lack of romance that might come from buying a ring from a canceled engagement. Thanks for the idea. I had not thought about that for the ad.
Now on Craigslist. The price listed in this thread stands for SF members.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm do you sell cartier privee? I don't have it in stock (I believe that only the boutiques can stock it), but occasionally I can get a specific piece. Is there something specific you are looking for?
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi engagement called off? Nope, I work in the jewelry industry and came upon a deal that was too good to pass up. Passing the savings on to SF members before I go through traditional markets. You'll notice from my signature that I am an Hermes, Bedat, and Cartier dealer as well
Quote: Originally Posted by whiskeylaureate Yes, perhaps I should buy now and maybe have it paid off by time I ask my future bride? Not a bad idea. I think that you would be hard pressed to find a similar size Tiffany and Co. diamond ring (even of lower color and clarity) in this price range. Let me know how I can help.
As promised, here are scans of the actual ring. I am sorry for the low image quality, I wish I could offer something better. The fuzzyness of the facet juntions is created by the scan. The diamond looks perfect in person. There is no eye visible abrasion on any of the facets. There are a few nicks in the platinum currently, but as I stated above, those will be taken out by my jeweler once the desired size of the ring is determined. Thanks for looking!
Up for sale, I have a Platinum and Diamond "Etoile" ring by Tiffany and Co. This ring is one of their most classic and recognizable designs. This ring centers a 1.11 carat round brilliant cut diamond H in color, VVS2 in clarity. The diamond is exceedingly bright and well cut, please see the GIA certificate attached in a picture below. Tiffany and Co. is very selective about their diamonds, they only use the best. The diamond is ½ bezel set in a platinum band (I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Twotone Hamilton is a relatively newcomer on the watch scene. They have only been around since 1892. This is my Hamilton 992 pocket watch from 1912 -- still running strong and keeping good time. Hamilton (along with Waltham, Illinois, Ball, E. Howard, etc.) were the leaders of US railroad watches around the turn of the last century back when the world's best watches were American. The Swiss copied many US movements. Today's...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I don't know what season... (the whole idea of seasons for watches is a depressing enough thought). Also, I really don't spend that much time thinking about Bedat to be honest. But they show up everywhere at deep discounts. Here is the first place I looked - $825 for the midsize No.7 http://www.prestigetime.com/item/Bed...0.010.301.html I personally don't get spending almost $1k for a quartz watch in a steel...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 The quartz versions are easily found at or below $1k Gents? Wow! I know that the lades, most notably the 304 is available at that price. Which gents models are you seeing way down there? Are you speaking in the second hand market? I couldn't even tell you which gents models are available in quartz. We certainly don't see them, and i am having a hard time locating them in our current catalog. Are these...
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