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Although the Craigslist link has expired, this ring is still available. Please contact me if you are interested. All the best, Ryan
Quote: Originally Posted by farfisa23 Do they make a Cape Cod Maxi in an Automatic? If so, can you PM me, I would like to buy one. As of this year, they do make a Cape Cod Maxi Automatic, it contains the Parmigiani Fleurier H1 movement, which is an advent of the new relationship between Hermes and Parmigiani. Please see attached pictures, and please check your PM for pricing and info. All the best, Ryan
Quote: Originally Posted by lorexa87 I tried to edit my other message... Maybe I simply can't add links Anyhow, this one is quite cheap...1,099.99 for a Bedat no 7 for men. There's one beauty that would look perfect on my wrist , but I don't think I'll get one for my birthday. L. The price is quite cheap. Unfortunately, that watch is discontinued, and has been for a couple...
Quote: Originally Posted by lorexa87 Here's the website where I found the watch. it's a Bedat no 7. Also what is the regular price for a Bedat? Thank you! L. Hmmm link seems to be broken. As for your question about regular price for "a" Bedat, that is a bit tricky. They range from about $1500 for a ladies Ref.304 with a quartz movement in stainless up well past $50-60K for...
As promised, here is a picture of the top view of the watch. Please let me know if you would like to see any other angles, or if you have any questions. Ryan
Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim How is the two-tone Rolex Datejust in terms of style, look, etc? It has the 38mm case, white dial, roman markers, fluted bezel, and jubilee bracelet. I am happy to post pictures of it this evening if you are interested. This is actually a watch I have personally owned for the last 4 years. I just had it overhauled about two months ago, it is in fantastic condition.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm where are teh estate watches? Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim +1 Sorry guys, we have had a slow period on gents estate watches. I have an Waltham pocket watch right now, and a two-tone Rolex Datejust with a white dial if anyone is interested I can post pics and we can discuss pricing. I hope to have some for you all soon! -Ryan
Quote: Originally Posted by lorexa87 I am interested in a Bedat watch for my boyfriend. I found an online retailer that offers them at a discounted price. What do you think of those websites, are they reliable? L. Unfortunately, you are rolling the dice ordering from anyone who is not an authorized dealer. The great news is that I am quite competitive with online unauthorized retailers. If you let me know the model you are looking at I...
Quote: Originally Posted by tiffanyjunkie is tiffany serial number scribed on ring. thx It certainly is. I am at work now, but would be happy to post it this evening if needed.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiffanyjunkie size? It is currently a 6, however, as stated I will refinish and size the ring to the buyers specifications included with the purchase of the ring
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