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Quote: Originally Posted by Kliaigre Hi there, Do you have the Hermes maxi black face with a crocodile strap? If so, how much are you asking for that watch? Even more rare is the same watch with a double tour crocodile strap. Thanks, Ken Thanks for your interest Ken. Unfortunately, I am not in the watch industry at the present time. I would be happy to refer you to my former employer however. If Hermes makes the watch, they can...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dw3610wm great honest thead; free bump Thanks for the comments guys. Unfortunately, I am no longer dealing in Cartier, due to Cartier's new company wide policy (they closed about 50% of their retail doors). I will keep you updated as to any new lines. Thank you all for the support
SOLD! Thank you everyone again for looking. Ryan
Thank you everyone for looking. This ring is currently pending sale. If you are looking for something else particular, please let me know! I am happy to find the perfect thing for you! All the best, Ryan
Quote: Originally Posted by ohmyamoose right on. i really like the ring (so would the gf). unfortunately I'm in the AmeriCorps so I only make a whooping 10k/yr. It is a great deal that is for sure. I wish I had the funds. Can anything nice be found in the 3k range? Oh definately. I can put together something for you in the .50 to .75 carat range (white to the eye (H color) and completely eye clean (SI clarity) set in a white gold mounting...
Quote: Originally Posted by ohmyamoose Otter, how much of the price is just because of the name? I might be in the market for a ring in the next few months but I'm way to poor to afford a tiffany ring. Quote: Originally Posted by BrianVarick ^I would imagine that the diamond alone is well worth the asking price. And as the OP said, platinum is expensive. moose: Brian is right on in his assessment. For a...
Quote: Originally Posted by crestiksa no, no, no, wear your skirts and heels girls, it may be uncomfortable for a little bit but u will look so much better in the pub if you look like u have made an effort, u will get my vote anyway ??? At first I thought this was but not sure what the angle is.
Quote: Originally Posted by alexscott I can sell the same Diamond Rings with same carat, at much cheaper price, than any other Diamond Jewelry Diamond Store.. I can offer a similar ring to this for cheaper as well, but it won't be from Tiffany. Any guy who's fiancee wants a Tiffany ring knows that if it has to be Tiffany, it HAS to be Tiffany. Thanks for and bumping my thread All the best.
Quote: Originally Posted by aleksandr Not quite ready to propose yet, but am /seriously/ tempted by this hell-of-a-deal. Shoot me a PM, let me know your timeline, maybe we can work something out.
Quote: Originally Posted by laughwithm3 is this the ring that fstyles is trying to buy, haha Not sure who fstyles is, maybe he'd like this one better
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