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Can anyone one comment on the quality of the button downs this season
All prices include shipping to lower 48. All measurements performed like Context. Ask for discount for multiple items. Wings + Horns tiger fleece Charcoal scuba hoody size medium asking $115.00 $105 $95 sold P/P 20" L 24.5" 9/10 condition. Only worn a few times, tiger fleece inside the hoody is still extremely soft. wings+horns blue plaid overdye with very subtle plaid size medium 8/10 asking $60 $50 sold S/S 17" P/P 21" L 29 wings+horns german corded pant FW12 size...
Can anyone comment on the quality of this season's ocbds?
drops $90
oops typo it's a small
Nice thick flannel that will age well. Great construction. It extremely long when i bought it so I had it tailored and now it fits more like a BoO M. Asking $100 S/S 17 P/P 20 L 29
Thick, warm flannel shirt. It was advertised as a shirt coat/shirt. Worn maybe 10 times always washed in cold water and hung dry. S/S 17 P/P 20 L 28.5
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