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oops typo it's a small
Nice thick flannel that will age well. Great construction. It extremely long when i bought it so I had it tailored and now it fits more like a BoO M. Asking $100 S/S 17 P/P 20 L 29
Thick, warm flannel shirt. It was advertised as a shirt coat/shirt. Worn maybe 10 times always washed in cold water and hung dry. S/S 17 P/P 20 L 28.5
Great shirt. Worn maybe three times. Washed once and hung dry. S/S 18 P/P 19 L 31.5
Bought from Four Horsemen unfortunately it doesn't fit. My loss is your gain. S/S 17 P/P 20 L 27
Just an interest check. I own the gray version and it fit me perfectly, so I bought it black but it's too large. Would be willing to trade for a small.
Anyone else note the Bush Utility pant for $130 at Lyonstate https://lyonstate.com/designers/wingshorns.html?page=shop.product_details&flypage=yagendoo_VaMazing_2.tpl&product_id=144&category_id=14
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